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  1. It's OK Kinarfi ,,,This cat is good, (better than me by a long shot ) I need to know what DOM stands for also?
  2. Lenny, or anyone ,,let me know when you have installed an automatic into one of these units.Please
  3. It's been awhile since I have posted on this site,but would like to ask if anyone knows if the Joyner people are getting any of the information that these hard core Joyner ( trooper ) lovers ( smart,machine improving people are giving them )?????I would like to think from all this information that is given freely that some REALGOOD would come from it.
  4. Tropper ,no problem on most of these trails,ours unit is 60" wide
  5. If you can/will travel to east,Tn. you can and will have the time of your life.........www.windrockatv.com....Oliver springs Tn.72,000 acres..http://Brimstonerecreation.com,Huntsville,Tn.,,20,000 acres. Nice mountains with hardwoods,hundreds of miles of trails,nice people in both towns and on trails.It takes us 8 hours to get there and we are lined up for second trip this year.We have travel to this part of the country many times since we found it and MADE THE FIRST TRIP. MAKE IT HAPPEN,LIFE IS SHORT,,,,ROOOOOOOOLL TIDE
  7. Same here,just can not see why you can not get a manufactor to understand that if they built it like you and I would build it,THEY WOULD SELL MORE,alot more in most cases.
  8. Lenny, you are good! You build like the ALABAMA BOYS build.Strong ,Heavy? just needs more Horse Power.
  9. What do ya'll think about automatic in the trooper? Better or worse?
  10. Anyone know of http://www.eminentmotorsports.com/
  11. Thanks for the infor Flatbed
  12. Joyner should be paying Lenny and Flatbed for their information/tech. help.I can tell they know what they are talking about!!!!!!!.Keep up the good work. We are waiting on Joyner salesman to come by so we can let him know about these problems that I have read about on this site. They want us to become a dealer for them and I have read too much unless they are ontop of these problems.........warranty,liability,comebacks to high.
  13. Has anyone installed a turbo on this engine?
  14. I'm new to this posting and computer stuff,,,,,, thanks to Kinarfi & Paiute3,,,any other infor/help will be welcomed