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Guest Lenny

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Is there a way to post multiple pictures on here? Have some upgrades I've done that I would like to post. Haven't done it because of not being able to post 7 or 8 pictures at once.


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We used to be able to do it on Web Shots but they dumped on us and unless we pay up, they will delete all of our posted pictures. They may have already. Nice time to tell us, after we entrust our pictures with them, hundreds and hundreds of them. The past articles, that were very informative and helpfull and included descriptive pictures to assist everyone better understand their Joyners and how to correct problems, are now lacking the pictures. Its sort of like loosing the Joyner Bible which has taken us all, a number of year to write. Now days, money is far more important and the fact that while in the scramble to get as much as a person can, real people get trampled under, doesn't really matter anymore. Wow, I better stop here, I feel the urge to dig in on this subject but there is no end to it.


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