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John Deere 825I

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  • 4 years later...

The 825i uses the exact same Chery engine as the Renegade with the 812cc engine.  It's transverse mounted to accommodate the CVT transmission.  It wouldn't surprise me that much of the Trooper engine parts (1183cc) are interchangeable with the 812cc engine.  The 1183cc looks like it's an 812cc engine that has been modified to accommodate the extra cylinder.  812cc ÷ 3 cylinders = 270.666cc for each cylinder.  270.666cc x 4 cylinders = 1082.666cc

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    • By Timpiker
      My UTV is a few years old and gets very little use.  I just noticed the drive belt slapping the plastic guard and making some noise.  The manual tells me how to replace it but not how to tighten it.  Apparently, there is no adjustment.  Does anyone know if there is an adjustment?  Is the belt supposed to have a lot of slop in it?
    • By Copperline
      I have a Coleman 550 (hisun). Wouldnt start and was sucking instead of blowing through the spark plug hole. Got to the timing chain and it was very loose and for sure the timing was way off. Got the tensioner off and set it to TDC and got the cam gear back aligned. Put the chain back on and set the tensioner as instructed and the chain is still very loose. I extended the tensioner as far as it would go to test and the chain is still loose. 
      Any ideas what could be broken or wrong? Why would the chain be so loose?
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      does any one else have a slipping belt on the hisun ...i put new wet clutch one way bearing new belt, cleaned primary and secondary and still get slight slippage
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      Hi all have a issue with non start
       Turns over happily,  can smell fuel when crank and have check the injector is fireing.  The spark seems weak and spraying easy start down the intake it won't even cough. Have checked all wiring and repair some dodgy bits, now thinking the pick up Coil maybe bad . Check the manual and it gives a resistance of 459 to 561ohms as spec, mine is reading 204. 
      Would this indicate a bad pick up Coil and cause the no start,  weak spark? 
      Would the lower reading resistance alter the spark timing? 
      Ready to burn the thing at the moment lol
      Thanks geoff
    • By Fabio
      Thank for having me here!
      New proud owner  of a 13 hisun HS 800 and here is some back story.
      I got the machine apart, most of the head and timing chain and some electrical.
      Now, i put everything back together using the original service manual but now im stuck on timing the engine.
      When i look at flywheel i have 2 marks , but both looks like it says "1" .
      I'm confusing in how do i set the timing on this machine and if anyone has done anything like that and could shed some light on this, it would be great.
      im using the motorcycle doctor instruction but even on his , show that i should have T1 and T2 making on flywheel.
      here some pictures of those marking

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