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  1. Milage and how did u here of the Joyners

    2500 - Fix and repair daily.Glad I live 2 miles from JMC.Found it on Craigslist
  2. John Deere 825I

    Just picked up a timing belt covers for my trooper,the Gator 825I uses the exact same covers not sure if anything else matches. Casey @ JMC gave me the tip.
  3. A 2013 Spring Jamboree March 8 -- 10

    Planning on getting to Parker around noon on Fri and staying at La Paz county camp ground if they have space- where/when is everyone meeting?
  4. A 2013 Spring Jamboree March 8 -- 10

    planning on joining you all. Need to work on trooper 1st.
  5. Intro

    What year is your T2? I go riding with Rhino and a RZR guys almost every weekend would be nice to have another Trooper in the group. DD Chandler Az
  6. Utv for a 5 yr old

    Started my boys out with a 110CC buggy, that worked well for a couple of years, then progress from there.

    Stopped by Joyner USA in Mesa they are no longer at that location??? Anyone know whats up?

    Niles, will you work on Joyners at your new place?
  9. silverbullet response

    Jose, you need to take care of this. No prouduct = refund it's as simple as that. We all hope SB stays around for a long time but something like this can be very damaging to your FUTURE buisness. If cash flow is the issue maybe you can trade some parts and get this behind you. OK getting off the soap box.
  10. Silver Bullett

    Joyner USA in Mesa Az might have wheel bearings - 480-882-9612
  11. Joyner Trooper T2- Will not start!! HELP!!

    Sounds like bad connection take apart the plugs coming out of ECU inspect for corrosion I had same problem thats all it was.My fan and Fuel pump both come on with the key in on position. Might be able to track it down by leaving key in on position and moving wires around. The guys on this forum are experts on the T2.
  12. Hisun 800s

    Don't know much about them but JMC Motors sells them so you should be able to get parts.
  13. Silver Bullett

    I got my refund for the Diff Kit from SB. Orderd one from Lenny got it in a couple of days going to install this weekend looks some what complicated. Lenny hope you have your phone on. Tony
  14. Rear Differental

    Thanks - Let me know when they are available.
  15. Rear Differental

    I'm in need of upgrade kit, anyone know where I can buy one?