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Fuel Pressure

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Ok I will start by saying I found my cat was plugged....Ok! that was fixed Cough Cough! Ran much better now...Ok now for the 2nd O2. Started looking at ways to fool the sensor..Did some research on it and found a couple ways..I don't know what is right or wrong..I'm a try it and see kinda guy sometimes... So if you buy a spark plug non fouler dorman 42009 at advance.( Same Thread as O2) Take it drill it out to 1/2 on the inside of it then install in the rear. Suppose to take it out of the stream enough that it just reads enough to work...I don't know if it works or not for sure. I can say that when I did that that it idled ruff and was acting all weird like it had a bad throttle position sensor... So I was messing around with it tonight and seen my fuel pressure was looking high..Like 65psi....Took and adjusted it down and it started running worse...Go figure! So I said heck with it and started turning it up and wala the miss went away. Now did the miss go away it is unreal the crispness of the throttle! Rediculously better! I mean WOW! Woke it up!!!! Can't wait to run it on the hills! So who knows but I do know this is the best by far that it has ran since I got it!

Chime in! I just wished I had a way to compare it to another one!

Ok well Going away over the weekend but I will be checking for updates! Have a Great Memorial day! Oh yeah check out Templeton Pa of Youtube....I gotta go there...Someone here is from there but it escapes me at this moment of who...LOL Sorry....

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