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quite muffler for trooper


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i got a very simple baffled bottle from the local muffler store. it was about $40 i mounted it sideways across the rear much the same as all the pictures you see on here. it knocks the noise down enough to make the wife happy. you cant hear me coming from very far away but you can definatly hear me as i pass.

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I don't know how quiet of a muffler you are looking for, but I used an EMPI clamp on. I think Lenny used same/similar. In my opinion its reasonably quiet. Its similar to a supertrapp at half the cost. The two biggest selling points are that the disc-type mufflers qualify as spark arresters, REQUIRED for off-road use in Arizona (check with your local DFS/BLM/DNR/etc, but its legit in AZ). Secondly, it's low back pressure for turbo those of us turbo charging and blowing our motors.


Check out catalog P/N: 3736 (what I used) or for something even quieter, check out P/N: 3738

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Guest Lenny

I use the same muffler/spark arrestor except mine is the 10" long one #3736. The 17" long one will be a little quieter. I'm happy with mine. I do not run a catalytic converter.

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