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  1. We sold out trooper a couple years ago and bought a 2018 Teryx 4. Awesome machine. You’re gonna love it. Just do yourself and tour back a favour and upgrade the shocks sooner than later.
  2. t2lizzard


  3. Auto electric guy says stator is damaged and that basically makes it cheaper to replace.
  4. Seem to have got the alternator on my trooper full of mud and it destroyed itself. Here is my question, is the alternator from a 2012 JD gator 825i the same ? I know they used the Chery SQR372 engine and everything i can find says that this engine from chery used the same alt. and on ebay the pictures of the alternator look the same but noone can tell me if they are in fact the same. The JD dealer doesnt have one on the shelf to compare. The reason I'm asking is that i can find a new Alt that fits the Gator for <$200 shipped to me and te only alt i can find to fit the trooper is $2
  5. I used the EJK on my first trooper ( 08 ) and didn't seem to notice any difference in power. though it definitely did burn significantly more fuel. I toyed with the settings and never really seemed to get any noticeable gains so dialed it back to factory and left it there. I would have taken it out but I removed the cat converter so decided to leave it in because of the O2 sensors. I am now onto my second trooper and am running it stock, no controller. seems to run just as good as the last unit but I can now run all day on about a 1/2 tank of fuel. In my opinion, the EJK is not worth the mon
  6. found some front suspension rod ends for the a-arms that are much better than factory. QA1 brand. part # is MXMR16 http://www.qa1.net/rod-ends-and-related/rod-ends/endura-series/mxm-series-chromoly-steel
  7. what I meant was plug the front O2 sensor wire into the back O2 sensor and vice versa
  8. mine is doing this very same thing, seems like it only does it a few minutes after startup. say between about 160 F and 175 F on the temp gauge. I step on the clutch and rev it up and it gets better. as soon as it gets up to operating temp it runs perfect. when you say the o2 sensors were hooked up backwards, do you mean just swap the plugs between the sensors ? or were the wires in the wrong spots in the connector ?
  9. wow !! 600 & 400 springs. that sounds really stiff. on the last machine I used 175's up front and 350's in the rear. we ride mostly in the rocky mountains so the machine rarely gets out of 2nd gear except on the road but that's a big jump.
  10. I bit the bullet so to speak and ordered the ELKA's from Trevor today. I almost couldn't get past the price but reminded myself how much messing around it took to get the QA1's tuned in, and then I was constantly replacing limit straps because they either broke or got hooked on something in a mud hole. the extra $600 that they cost will be worth it in ride quality vs fix time trailside.
  11. has anyone tried the Elka stage 4 shocks ?
  12. sold the old trooper after 6 years of riding. now its time for Trooper 2.0 looking for suggestions on shocks at the moment. im sure there has been some updates since the last install 6 years ago.
  13. thanks guys. i'll call them and find out.
  14. I have looked at SUPER ATV and UNISTEER. the SATV kit is almost half price of the UNISTEER kit. that's why I ask about quality etc. too much difference in price IMO. not sure what to make of it. how long have you had the one from SATV Kinarfi?

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