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2008 trooper alternator

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Seem to have got the alternator on my trooper full of mud and it destroyed itself.

Here is my question, is the alternator from a 2012 JD gator 825i the same ?

I know they used the Chery SQR372 engine and everything i can find says that this engine from chery used the same alt. and on ebay the pictures of the alternator look the same but noone can tell me if they are in fact the same. The JD dealer doesnt have one on the shelf to compare.

The reason I'm asking is that i can find a new Alt that fits the Gator for <$200 shipped to me and te only alt i can find to fit the trooper is $230.

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just how badly destroyed is it, hose it down real good and replace the bearings, then if it doesn't work, you can add a new voltage controller/regulator, I've rebuilt a couple of them for forum members in the past.


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