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  2. Just sold that machine today. Not gonna lie, kinda bummed me out lol
  3. When I picked up my teryx from the dealer last week, I had kind of talked the old man into looking at a mule pro fxt eps. So, we asked the salesman if he had any he could show us, and he did. But like you have all said he told us here could sell it, but we couldn't take it yet. I think they had at least a couple there that were sold but still waiting on the recalls to be finalized before they could leave the place. Shame, I think they probably could have made another sale that day otherwise.
  4. And if I'm way outta line on the pricetag, someone tell me lol. I had no idea how much to ask for the thing.
  5. Thanks! Wasnt too excited about the camo, but they got pretty right on the deal so I can live with it lol
  6. Hello all! I used to frequent the boards on the Joyner forum, and let me say there was always a wealth of info to be had there. But, I just purchased my first teryx. It is a new hold-over 2019 le camo and so far we absolutely love this thing lol.
  7. Hello all! I am selling my 09' Trooper T2. Wanted to put it on these boards before I messed with the crazies on FB marketplace lol. There is more info and pictures of it on the classified section.
  8. That would be awesome! I'm pretty sure it was ILFarmerT2, now that's probably going back a couple years at least.
  9. Hello everyone, I used to frequent the joyner board here years ago. I always got, and much appreciated great technical advice here. I just purchased a new hold over 2019 Kawasaki teryx from Owen motorsports in Effingham, IL and am looking forward to delving into a whole new message board for my new unit lol.
  10. Submitted for your approval, my 2009 Joyner T2 1100. I'm only selling it because I recently purchased a Kawasaki Teryx, and the Mrs says one has got to go. I was the 3rd owner I believe. It is definitely used, but I have tried to maintain it to the best of my abilities. I would say it is in fair shape for the years and the miles. The thing runs and sounds great. It always turns heads at every group ride I've ever been on. It has 30" maxxis zilla tires all the way around, except for the spare, fairly new wheel bearings all the way around, and a fuel controller from SilverBullet so you d
  11. Ordered a new axle from the new Silverbulletmotorsports and had it in 5 days time. Not too shabby from Arizona to Illinois. Thanks for the great service. I will definitely continue to do business there. A+

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