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t2 clutch options.


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Hi, I recently bought a 2012 trooper and am looking for a clutch upgrade. I know some offer a kevlar disc with a double diaphram plate. Has anyone used a 4 puck metallic clutch disc on these? I have a 4 puck in one of my cars and it works great. Just looking for some opinions. Thanks.

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I think I'm the only that has used a double spring pressure plate. I initially put it in with a Kevlar clutch plate. Didn't like it. It didn't slip but it was to grabby. Couldn't keep it smooth when I needed to have it smooth like in rock crawling. When I took out the old clutch which I abused continuously, it still looked nearly new. The whole friction surface wasn't even hitting but only on an evenly spread patchwork of high spots which was making contact with the flywheel and pressure plate. It wasn't even seated in yet. I changed it because I could get it to slip in tight spots. Figured it was on its way out. Finally I pulled the Kevlar clutch plate and put the original plate back in but with the double sprung pressure plate. Smooth as silk and no matter how hard I worked it, it didn't slip at all. I could be in a real tight spot in big boulders where I would have to rev the engine despite having 130hp and 126#/ft of torque and Renegade gearing in order to get going and the clutch would let out smooth and not slip when approaching being engaged all the way. As far as I'm concerned it is the only way to go. If you do the double sprung pressure plate be sure to reinforce the throw out bearing forks or they will break.

Not familiar with the 4 puck metallic plate.


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Thanks for the input. Mine is still stock for now. Just put 30 in. zillas on. We'll see how those work this weekend.Trying to find the limits of the machine to know what to expect on the trail and to decide on future upgrades. Also ordered the viper fuel controller from silverbullet and have heard good reviews. Time will tell. Do you have a turbo or a supercharger set-up on yours? From who?

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Lenny - good to see you are still posting. Hope all is well and your next project is underway. Better get done soon as we should get together again in the fall sometime and then plan a spring trip again! Never did ask you how to reinforce the forks for the throwout bearing. Next time I do my clutch I will upgrade pressure plate and go with stock disc but now how to reinforce the forks is the question.

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trackguy22, Mine was supercharged. Did it myself. Snapisone, who is a forum member here bought mine. He lives in Rockford, IL

Bruce, tried to call but the number wouldn't connect. I'll do a drawing for you on the reinforcement of the throwout fork.


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I ran the trooper this weekend with the zillas. No issues either,but didn't run in the mud yet. With the taller tires I liked the lower rpm at the same speed than with the originals. Didn't mind the ride at low speeds,I have a S-10 blazer with tracks for the winter.

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