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Odes Dominator 800

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I own a 2012 Dominator 800 EFI V-Twin pro edition custom with the Munn Racing decals. I've upgraded the air filter, exhaust, and belt. I was wondering if there were any Cam upgrades or a turbo kit to put on this thing. I know it is a clone of the Rhino, but I am unsure if a rhino turbo kit would fit due to the Odes being a bit thicker in places than a Rhino is. Also, would a 2013 ECM be better than the 2012? Does anyone know where I could get a tune in the DFW area?




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I may not need a tune, I did a little research on my particular unit. I was told mine already has a custom tune on it.

Soooo.... I decided to take a spin and do a top speed run. I hit 68mph on concrete. I'm not sure what the top speed is on these things fresh out of the box but I believe I read 60mph. Does this mean that is top speed period and a governor or something kicks in? Or did they just run out of space as I did? IF 60 is the top speed period I guess I wasn't lied to about the tune.

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