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Here's how I do mine, take a look at the photos in the following link.While your doing this, be sure to turn the wheels all the way to the right and then rotate the right hub to see if you can feel the CV binding and then turn it to the left and check that hub. The way the differential and CVs are set up they will only bind on the side you are turning to.


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ok so excuse me for sounding dumb on this but I have read on here before about toe adjustment and how you can make the trooper turn better. I understand how and alignment works being an auto tech. So basically you wanna turn the wheel right or left and adjust at the steering box first to get the max left and right with out binding correct?? Then center your steering wheel and adjust with the toe bar on the suspension so when your steering wheel is striaght your wheels are not toed out????

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Not absolutely sure of what you said, but the turn to the right and rotate the hub is a CHECK to see if it is binding, if it is binding badly, you can't turn the hub and if you were driving, it would be felt in the steering wheel and probably damage the CV, If it's binding at all, you'll feel it as you turn the hub, --THIS A TEST-- But if it does need adjusting & mine did, that's how I did mine, another point not mentioned, IMO, you need to see that the flat, long, thick nut is tight against the yoke end and IMO, square with the shaft so that is has maximum interface contact with housing. it is the end of travel STOP. I went so far as to file mine to get an extra 1/10 of a turn. It also is what keeps the boot out there close to the yoke.

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