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joyner sand viper 1100 (review)


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Hi guys, I present my name is adrian and I am new to the forum and am a novice in relation to the issue of road vehicles.
I would like to help me based on your experience and knowledge.
In particular it relates to this little machine, Joyner sand viper 1100.
I personally really like their aesthetic features as mechanical and especially the (reasonable price) And just to complement my purchase I'd like to help based on your knowledge with this vehicle.
I refer to the advantages and disadvantages that exist on this machine.
But mostly I would like to know if there is a large (inventory) of parts and spares and if it is easy to find nowadays parts and spares for me that's the most important.
Another important point (these vehicles are constantly broken) most of the forums only speak negative things about these little cars and the truth I have faith that that's not true, I do not think these cars have such poor mechanical reputation.
Gentlemen I hope your answers, your experiences will be of great great help me, it will be important for me to make my purchase for your attention many thanks good day.
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Hi Adrian
The 1100 Sand viper is a vary good buggy.Not many problems at all.All parts are in stock so dont worry.Change all fluids And they are a bit heavy but its a good thing.If it is the new style with the aluminum body.That is the best years and newer.Jumping is some of the things you should stay away from.Besides that enjoy!

First of all thanks for your reply, thanks for your time. He is a big help.
You work in the silver bullet dealer located in yuma Arizona?
I can communicate with you directly to the issue of dealer to clarify some details.
I have not decided whether to buy new or used vehicle.
You have to sell new vehicles especially Joyner sand viper 1100
You could get me parts as extras (high flow filter, headers, pipe, hid lights, maybe a turbo and install it on your dealer.
For your attention and your time waiting for your answer thank you very much.
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