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Swing arm bushings / bearings



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  1. 1. What would be the best lubricant for the swing arm

    • Grease
    • Gear oil
    • Motor oil
    • Don't lube
    • Other

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Over the last couple of months, I have been trying to straighten up the camber on the rear wheels and finally replaced the swing arm bushing and the spacer and the bolts. As I was replacing the bearing on one side, I noticed that I had not centered the zerk fitting and it was holding the bearing out, so I pulled it out and notched it enough to clear the zerk fitting. As I was grinding the notch (Dremel Tool) I notice oil separating from the metal as I cut the notch. SOOOO, my question is should we grease or oil these bushing / bearings? Hopefully, some one here will know for sure, or maybe we shouldn't even oil them.



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Grease them until it squeezes out. This helps keep the bearing surfaces clean. If you want to adjust the rear camper, fill in the holes where the wheel spindle bolts to the swing arm and re-drill. Just use a piece of round shaft welded in to fill. Measure your current camper and do a little trig to find where the new holes want to drill. You don't have to do both top and bottom holes, but either or. This is required if your swing arm is twisted. Its also a good way to balance the camper so it matches with the other side.

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Thanks Lenny, after replacing the bolts, spacer and bearings, I only have a 3 degree camber on the passenger side, I haven't done the driver's side yet, just a new bolt, and it is at 0 degrees. I guess filling and redrilling the bolt hole would be a lot easier than ;

A. cut the hub part of the swing arm reweld,

B. heat the front of the swing arm and bend it,

C. replace

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