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2004 Mule 3010

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First post! Just bought a used 2004 Mule 3010 with 1700 hours, my first sxs. Don't have a service history and I know it sat for about 6 months before I bought it so I want to do all the stuff I can do on it to make it great.. Carb was gunked up and it wouldnt idle so I took the carb off and rebuilt it with new jets and it idles and runs great. Changed the oil, new fuel and oil filters, new air filters.

What all would you do as a big time tune up so I know its great and things are taken care of.

Front and Rear differential fluid? What oil weights in each?

Coolant Flush?

Brake fluid?

Also, someone told me to mix 20w50 and 10w40 in it. Good idea, bad idea, or doesnt matter. Would it harm the engine if it was done by accident?



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