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2005 mule 610 performance issues

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Mule runs fine for awhile but sometimes when climbing up a grade it will act like it wants to stall. It only does it for about 15 seconds, only on an uphill grade then it will start running fine again. I have been living with this for a few years now and have done the following:
Empty tank and refill
Replace fuel filter

Checked fuel pump per service manual

Removed carburetor and took to motorcycle mechanic who cleaned it, checked pilot, float, etc.
Ran seafoam thru system
Tonight it started doing something different. It would not idle at times.
So now I have idle issues and issues at top speed. I did notice a nick in the insulation on the coil wire and I taped it up. I am wondering if that or a coil issue may be my problem. I don't ride much in water but the mule has been exposed to the elements. So would a bad coil or wire do something like this?
Thanks for any help

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I have a 2011 Mule 610 with only 36 hours on it. I too have just started having an issue where when I'm climbing up a hill, running full throtle, it acts like it's starved for fuel and bogs down. I've replaced the fuel filter, checked the air filter, drained the carburator, and it's still doing it, so I'm interested if you get any feedback. I only run non-ethynol gas. I just bought this a couple of months ago for hunting. I haven't had any issues with it at deer camp. Brought it home for a while to clean it up and use it around the neighborhood. At camp, I've never ran it full throttle, so I never experienced the issue. Since bringing it home, it does it everytime I'm running it somewhat full throttle, going up a hill.

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