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Hrs. on a UTV

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Im looking at buying a 2009 4010 Trans Mule it has 1300 hrs, looks clean and taken care of, but this is my first

UTV purchase and was wondering is this too many hrs? They are asking $7500. What do you people thing with

much more knowledge than i on this UTV.



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Both of my units 3010 and 4010 hour meter seem to run fast. Although yours shows 1300 hours in reality its probably only 900. Biggest thing to check is that it doesn't burn oil and motor noise..i.e. knock. Check motor compression before buying. Otherwise your good to go. One big problem those units have are the primary and secondary clutch wearing out. If the transmission grinds when going into gear.....most likely the primary or secondary clutch needs to be worked on or replaced.

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