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  1. optistartremote

    Remote Control Kit for UTV

    Yes it is compatible with a 2008 Kawasaki Teryx 750
  2. optistartremote

    Remote Control Kit for UTV

    Hello All, I have launched a new Remote Control Kit for UTV, which you can connect with your android/ios with name of Optistart. By using this service you cantrol your UTV via remote like starting, lighting, Horn, Heating seats, alrm and other 3rd part functions. You can subscribe us to know our new projects.
  3. optistartremote

    Your favorite UTV....UB "newbie"

    I think Polaris General 1000 will be best for you. Good luck
  4. he Thunderhawk Performance KB3333 heavy-duty lift kit is designed to fit the 4000-series, 3000-series and the 2500-series Kawasaki Mules. This lift kit raises these vehicles almost 2", increasing ground clearance and allowing tires up to 26" diameter to be installed while retaining acceptable driveline geometry.
  5. Use your Smartphone to control and monitor almost every function on your UTV/ATV vehicle wirelessly. You can turn on the engine, seat or hand warmers from the comfort of your home. Or if you were in a camp in the woods at night and you wanted to scare off unwelcome animals, turn the engine on, sound the horn and switch lights on and off from the comfort of your tent or cabin. Website:- http://www.optistartremote.com
  6. optistartremote

    remote start systems

    OptiStart is a full featured 20 channel remote start, security, lighting and 3rd party control device designed for the powersports enthusiast. It can literally be used to control and monitor everthing on your UTV, ATV or Snowmobile.
  7. optistartremote


    also a set of stock wheels
  8. optistartremote

    Need feedback on China made UTV's!

    I'm in the market for a UTV, Price is an issue as well as quality. ... post) I was asking for real reviews from people that have these or know someone that has, .... I for one do have experience with Chinese made off road vehicles.
  9. optistartremote

    Quartzsite, AZ in Nov!

    Quartzsite AZ is a special place that has been a rock-hound's paradise since the 1960s
  10. optistartremote

    Hrs. on a UTV

    i agree