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Steering tie rods hit wheels


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I had some problems with the wheels hitting the steering tie rods during sharp turns so I took my dremel tool to them and ground off some welding bumps and I thought I had it fixed. I also had a problem making hard turns, it would seem to get harder to turn about half way to full lock turns. To fix this, I did a modification to allow me to take out the free play between the sliding gear and the top of the box and then I took it down to my local tire guy and they said I had zero toe in, So I adjusted it so I had about 5/8" toe in, should be .98", but I have severe tie rod wheel interference now.

One of the things I learned on my 08 Trooper was that minimum turn radius was determined by the CVs, if you adjusted for to too tight of turn, the CVs bound up, on my 2015, I couldn't even turn it to the stops with out grinding the inside of the wheel off. So I took a grinder to the tie rods and got it to where I can just hit the stops with out stopping the wheel from spinning. Take a look my photo at https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0ByQAhs0e-yF9UFA2ZmdzOVQ0TzQ&usp=sharing . There are more photos in the zipped file.

Has anyone else had this problem? How did you fix it.


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Sent an email to Brandon at Joyner USA yesterday about my problem with the tie rods hitting the wheel and I got my reply today, He's going to replace all 5 wheels and both tie rods because of the damage I did to them with a grinder to get the clearance I needed, FOR FREE. I'm very pleased with Brandon and Joyner, They've taken really,really good care of me and my problems.

Keep up the good work Brandon,


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