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correction Hisun replaced my engine nothing bad to say about them. would purchase again. I did have to contact company myself but they did what was needed.

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I am assuming you are talking about the front sprocket? You stated the shaft was stripped? There should be a lock washer on it, preventing the nut from backing off. It sounds like the locking washer is not there, this would cause the sprocket nut to become loose for sure! Regardless of what loctite you used. I have some contacts at Hisun, let me know if you need some assistance here, I can make a call for you. Matt

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Well my unit is well out of warranty, but most of my problems have been minor. Mostly loose nuts and bolts and the main gauge is not working properly. But like any manufacture they all offer very limited warranty due the off road nature of them. Lucky me I am a master mechanic and happen to be able to repair most of the problems myself. I really don't have a dealer near me that makes it easy to take it to. Having to do a lot of the repairs myself has also taught me alot about the Hisun UTV's. Overall I am happy with the product and performance. I knew going into it what I was getting into and really have no regrets. Glad you were able to work things out. if you ever have any questions, let me know and I'll be happy to help you out.

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Stay as far away from this company as you can,  fit and finish nice but I bought a truck load and every single machine failed in the first 5 miles and took months to get parts. 5 out of 5 generators failed as well! They set up dealers just to get rid of inventory.  old inventory goes to the auction house and drives the value down,  Nada wont ever put a resale value on their website.  They do not support dealers, I finally got my last one to the auction house and the throttle cable broke on it way to the selling line!

like throwing money away doing business with these folks... Run away as fast as you can! or just send me the cash!

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Hey Jeff,

I can totally understand your situation big time. I am not sure why it took you so long to get parts from the manufacture, I am not a dealer and have not really had any trouble getting parts I need, and even some odd parts at that I have to admit. I agree the fit and finish is nice, but without the dealer support its hard to make it as a dealer. I have worked for one before some of my deployments and am familiar with the problem with warranty and customer satisfaction. No one wants to buy a vehicle and have it break down right away. I don't believe they set up dealers just to get rid of inventory, perhaps its just to help get more dealers out there for support as well. The larger the dealer network, the better its going to be for the manufacture to support the dealer network. It sounds like maybe you had a bad dealer network manager who did not support you. I also don't know what area you are in, but here in southern california, there are none of these really out there for sale used. I have looked! If they had a lot of dealers selling them to auction houses, then the market place would be showing them available, but I just dont see that.

I cannot comment on the generator side of life, as I know more about the UTV side of things. But I have been a mechanic at a large name brand dealer, (name not important) and we had our share of faulty equipment from them as well. We have had issues with what I called 'made on friday' where it looks like they just put it together to get out of there, and they just hoped the dealer would take care of it.

All I tell my customers as a service center and performance shop, is that we like to really go through them before they go out for the first time. I like to look over all the nuts and bolts, run them for a bit and look for problems before they use them. This way I can make sure their weekend will be the best possible. I am sure you have great mechanics, and have probably been in the industry for a long time, and once in a while these things do happen. Remember the Polaris fire recall? it was hard for the dealers here to deal with that when it came out. I am also sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience with the dealer network, that sounds like it shouldnt have happened that way, or perhaps they should have been there more for you. But again, I am only going by your few words and I am sure I don't have all the information available. I hope you have recovered and are doing well now. I wish you all the best and success.

If you could, perhaps you might tell me some of the issues you had with the units breaking down within the first 5 miles as you said. I would love to be able to touch up on these areas with my customers, and perhaps prevent any problems happening on my end as well. In this business we all need to support and help one another I have found. so, if you have any specific areas that were causing you problems, please let me know about them. Thank you



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    • By Pop Bob
      After 10 hours of use, my machine had developed a low speed brake squeal. I removed the brake assembly and discovered that everything was put together dry. Not even lubrication on the caliper pins. After lubricating and reassembly, the squeal has disappeared. I will do the other three wheels today. Also, all grease fittings were under-greased (if at all) based on the amount of grease filled before they purged. This includes the drivelines. Next- I found many screws which were loose and/or stripped. I was able to tighten or fix them with my tap and die set. The lower a-arms on the front do not have grease zerks. I will remove the arms and install some. I guess I’m not surprised or even disappointed. These are just things that should be looked at on any machine. One thing I am pissed about though, is this “weld from hell” on the front . Totally unacceptable. For sure there will be water entry and eventual internal rust. 
      (see photo) I will fix it. I did an oil and filter change which some of you will say was not necessary. But break-in time is when you are most likely to have contamination from production and initial wear-in. BTW there was some metal in the filter. Cheap insurance to change often. Engine access is very difficult on this machine compared to other  models. You have to remove lots of stuff to get to it. But I still like the machine very much, and I’m having a ball with it. Future plans include lights, cab enclosure and heater. Winters are long in Northern Michigan. 
    • By hdtran
      That's the question! Or, if you want to add details:
      (a) How do you use the UTV? (roads? off-road to get to trees? etc.)
      (b) If you are wearing a helmet--how frequently? What type of helmet?
      My own answers: (a) Most of the time off-road to get to downed trees, cut the trees to logs and haul the logs back for splitting. (b) Very rarely, a ski helmet and not a motorcycle helmet.
    • By djl
      Hi All.  The splines are pretty well worn where the rear driveshaft fits into the adapter (boss?) on the rear of the engine.  I have a new driveshaft / adapter / seal to install but am having difficulty loosening the nut holding the adapter onto the transmission output shaft.  I purchased a chain-type vice grip tool thinking that I could get it around the adapter to prevent it from turning but have not had any luck getting it in there yet (very tight space).  What approaches have you used that have worked?  Thanks!
    • By Justin Felker
      Had some issues where I was losing power on my Hisun.  Got it back to my shop and it wouldn't start.  Drained the fuel, replaced the plug, injector and TPS, cleaned the air filter.  It will start without the air intake attached to the engine but once I put it back on, it will die.  Any ideas on what else I need to do?
    • By Anthony Vigil
      Can anyone tell me how they grease the drivelines ?  Can’t grease the u joints. Do you need to take the driveline off ? 
      And are they easy to take off?
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