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G'day from NZ


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I had just joined Quadcrazy when I saw a post on there talking about this site & thought I'd give it a go. I haven't looked around yet but with UTV people talking UTV issues, I know I'll like it here. I've copped a fear bit of flack on one or two other sites with my choice of UTVs, a Joyner Trooper. The Trooper seems to be in the category of loving it or hating it with no inbetween. What ever you think of them, I look forward to getting to no you all.

Cheers Mike.


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    • By jaygallo87
      I am Jason. I got my first utv back in February of 2021. I have a 2020 Honda Pioneer 700. I enjoy riding it around the land and using it for yard work. It has made things so much easier and less back breaking. I have always wanted to go mudding and off roading and this is just another toy to help me have fun.
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      2017 Polaris RZR Side by Side UTV 1000cc On Eby

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      i've purchased an 2014 applestone 800cc side x side.  what's an applestone, right!  found that out.  nearest applestone parts, new zealand. great.
      it actually has an odes 800cc engine which helps.  and a cvt belt drive.  i suspect that the drivetrain is common to other vehicles but i don't know which.
      my problem is that when starting off in high fwd, the right rear tire jumps somewhat violently and the transmission chatters a bit.  all smooths out when it gets rolling 5 to 10 mph.  what i'm trying to find out is if this is normal, or an issue with the differential, or a transmission issue, or the cvt?  bad gear meshing, or maybe an old belt that has been hardened?  is there a clutch in the design, not smoothly engaging?  my experience with variable drives like this dates back 40 years to the reeves variable drives that used be attached to ac motors by reliance motors inc. and others.  their design didn't allow it to idle while the motor was running and was intended to provide variable output while the motor turned at a constant speed.
      any ideas before i start tearing things apart?
    • By tallguy
      I've been looking for an UTV for a farm.  I have a problem with the ones I've seen (Polaris and Honda) in that my inseam is 37 inches and it's going to get quite painful for me given the terrain.  
      Yesterday I looked at a Polaris North Star.  I'm not going to pay $40,000 for a farm utility vehicle, but the salesman said that's about the largest they make.  It's still too cramped and, again, would ultimately become too painful to drive.  
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      I have a brand new Hisun Sector E1 that I got in March-April timeframe. Its got about 100 miles on it. I was driving it yesterday among some tall grass on one of my hills when it just complete stopped moving. Pressing the accelerator and nothing. I put it in reverse, nothing. I tried in 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive, locked and unlocked. Nothing. I put it in neutral, turned the ignition off and started it again and was able to drive forward about 20-30 feet and it stopped again. No errors. No 45C message, nothing. Just completely unresponsive. I had to "limp" all the way home by turning it on and off to get home. That 30 feet or so that it would travel was full power, I could push it hard or take it gently and it would still cut out on me. Its super bizarre. Anyone have any ideas what might be going on? I'm no electrician...I thought buying a sector E1 would require less work from me than an ICE vehicle, it appears I was wrong. I'm 2 hours from the nearest distributor so pretty worried about getting it serviced.
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