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OptiStart is a full featured 20 channel remote start, security, lighting and 3rd party control device designed for the powersports enthusiast. It can literally be used to control and monitor everthing on your UTV, ATV or Snowmobile.

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    • By Hisunsadman
      Last October we were sitting at an idle on a Sunday morning and it died for the first time since we time since we bought it new I've already sent it to the shop because it's under warranty after trying to fix it. New fuel injector new spark plug couldn't do a compression check because I couldn't find anything to fit it but now that it's at the shop I have a feeling that the exhaust valves tighten themselves up and they are not closing anybody ever have this problem?
    • By Joe in CO
      Hello everyone.  I picked up a 2012 hisun strike 800 UTV.  Previous owner said that it overheated.  They were trying to drive it back to their vehicle and said it just stopped running.  He said he thought it was a blown head gasket.  They replaced fuel pump and looks like a new starter solenoid relay.   It does not have any antifreeze in the oil so don’t think its head gasket (I ordered new ones anyway). It turns over but not with a lot of juice.  (Kind of like an almost dead battery). I put in a new battery but still does the same thing.  Any thoughts?
    • By PierceIt
      Hi everyone - I was driving my 2017 Cub Cadet Challenger 750 EPS today on the ranch when it dies on me. It started right up - and then as i was driving after about 50 feet the engine just turned off. It was running perfect before it cut out on me. No alarms, no weird sounds or smells. It just turned off. 
      When I turn the ignition key, the starter cranks away and the battery and starter turns fast and strong - but the engine doesn't start.
      I've confirmed gas flow to the carb - that the fuel filters are clean and clear. I've replaced the spark plug with a brand new one. I checked every fuse with a meter. I have confirmed air filters and airflow are good. 
      But the darn thing cranks away without the engine even making a sputter or even attempting to fire.
      Is there a kill switch somewhere that could have been tripped? I checked the seatbelt sensor, the brake sensor, and parking gear sensor - all are working and i'm in Park, pressing down on the brake, and have the seatbelt latched when i try to start. but - nada!
      It acts like it isn't getting a spark. but like i said i put in a new spark plug. I have a feeling there is a sensor or an electrical kill switch somewhere that tripped. 
      open to any ideas.
      thanks all
    • By Brad G
      Timing chain broke. Replaced the timing chain, oil pump chain, cam & rings. Ran great for 2 hours. Brought it home, started & drove to the shop. Next day started & drove around the property and it started running rough, wouldn’t idle just died, restarted & took it to the shop. Next day wouldn’t even start just crank over. Drained all the fuel & replaced with new, bought a new plug & ecu! Fired right up and let it run for an hour & burped the coolant as I had double checked the timing & valves prior. Next day started it and it was running a bit rough but smoothed out & ran for another hour. Next day it just cranks & won’t start! I’m at my wits end with this machine and would appreciate any help or suggestions on what might be the issue. Thanks in advance! 
    • By Neil Wilson
      I bought a new electronic control unit (ECU) for my 2008 trooper t2 just to eliminate the unit as a factor in solving an electrical problem. Turns out the problem was not the ecu so my old one is still good. If anyone needs one let me know. I'll sell it for $50.
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    • By tlutrick
      Hey guys,
      New to the forum and new to having a Mule. I just bought a new 2012 Mule 4010 Trans Diesel and I'm doing some retro fitting. I have a 70yr old father that has some handicap issues and I'm looking at modifying my Mule to be visually remote controlled when he goes hunting. He can drive the Mule away from his stand or duck blind, as not to alert his game.
      I'm working through a number of issues relative to throttle, steering, braking, and of course safety. One issue that I'm trying to avoid is building servo control of the shift mechanism. Since a Mule will not start while in gear, unlike a Polaris Ranger that has start bypass by pressing on the brake, I'm wondering is there an easy way to do this. I need for the ability to drive it some short distance 1/4 mile maybe, turn it off, hunt for the day, remote start, and drive it back. For safety, the brakes will be actuated when in remote control until I send a command to release the brake. This way if I lose comm, then a spring will naturally apply brake and stop the unit. Now I'm trying to figure out a way to bypass the starting safety to allow me to apply brake, start the Mule which is already in Low gear, release brake, and apply throttle and drive back to the controller.
      I just acquired the Service Manual from Kawasaki, but curious if I would hurt the Mule mechanically by doing this?
      Appreciate any advice....

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