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Joyner 250cc has no low end torque

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Hello there,

I own a 2007 Joyner 250cc Sand Viper. It runs great on a flat ground and small hill and plenty of power for 250cc at top end(30-35mph). Perfect for my kids.

Never had any problem with power until few month ago, I decided to replace a new Carburetor, CVT belt, Clutch, and Spark Plug wire.

I also accidentally touched adjusting disc on the side of Engine. I put it back the best that I could according to the manual.

Now it runs great on a flat ground,But it couldn't climb up hills(15-20 yards, 30 degree). It just doesn't seem to have any low end power.

Any suggestions on what could caused to lose low end power?



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The first thing i would do is pull the CVT belt cover.Start the engine and put in neutral and slowly raise the rpm.The pulley in the front should start to to close and the belt in the back should open up(belt should be moving in to the center of the pulley. If it is not than there is the problem.Call me if you need help.But before you call do what i described in the begin of this note.


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