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Kawasaki mule 1000 trailer hitch

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      Hi- I'm new to this forum and this is my first post and Mule. I'm giving it a good going over and have found the rear brake cables are rusted themselves imobile. I tried to order new ones but have been told Kawasaki isn't making them anymore, at least in that part number 5485-1143. I'm wondering if anyone else here has had the same problem and found an alternative or superseded part number, like 54005-1172 thats used on the 1995 2500. As a last resort I can order the pieces and make my own, just trying to save some work. Thanks for any help.

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      New UK member here. Can anyone give me any help or advise on the Primary clutch on an old KAF450 Mule? The clutch has a lot of play in it and clonks alot because of this. Are these clutches serviceable and if so where can I buy the parts, or do I have to replace the clutch? I have seen a second hand one on ebay in the States, but they are asking more than what the Mule is worth!!! lol

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