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timing chain 1988 kawasaki mule

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    • By Gary Nations
      Just got a Champion 2000lb winch for Father's Day. Going on a 2018 Mule 4010 Trans used on the farm. Anyone have any experience/ tips for mounting? Front mount so what do I need?
      Thanks in advance.
    • By Stiffwood1673
      My community owns a Mule KAF620 MJF.  We also have a North Star trailer mounted power washer.  Fully loaded (w/water tank) the entire trailer weighs 3600#.  Since the Mule has a rated towing capacity of 1200#, we are afraid to tow the trailer fully loaded.  Since this unit has plowing capability, I have some difficulty believing that it would damage the unit by towing the 3600# unit short distances on perfectly flat terrain, mostly concrete or asphalt.  Can any experienced Mule operators comment on your towing experiences?
    • By Dennis Knepp
      New guy here,  my question is, is vapor lock common on this machine? When I run it for a while and shut it off it will not restart if it sets for 5-10 min. I have to lift the dump box and let it cool for approx 20 min before it will start. I replaced the fuel pump thinking it might be the problem. Any help would be appreciated.
    • By Travis
      Okay another project i plan on doing.
      The bed has a few rust spots starting on it, so i figure i'd better get the jump on it. Also i've always to put a bed mat in it to protect it, Kawasaki sells one, but for $70 AND it's fairly thin, i think about 5/16" ( i know some of the mats for the newer FXT's are 3/16") maybe less. so here's my plan.
      Strip the paint in the floor of the bed, expose raw metal, sand and brush any rust away, apply  POR15 to kill the rust, then once that dries go over with the spray of rust reformer to prevent rust (maybe). Tractor supply sells those horse stall mats, my dad just bought one, they seem to be about 9/16" thick, maybe more. cut to dimensions, ( 40 3/4" wide X 34 1/2" long) Now, the way i figure on fixing the mat to the bed is this:  once i have the mat cut to dimension, drill through the mat and bed and bolt it down with carriage bolts since the heads are more or less flat. do one in each corner, nut and lockwasher on the underside.
      ONE quart of POR15 covers 96 SQ FT, so i think a pint may be enough for my bed.....
      and it looks like this one will be the right size.... https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/utility-rubber-mat-black-4-ft-x-3-ft-x--frac12-in?cm_vc=-10005
      What should i do differently? Thoughts?
    • By Yasgur
      I'm embarrassed to say but I'm 58 years old and I never changed drum brakes before lol.  I have my mule that won't hold fluid. when I drive at top speed my brakes don't work.  I can let off the gas and stop ok so that is all that I have been doing.  There doesn't seem to be any leaks around maser cylinder.  I'm dreading that I will screw something up trying to change the brakes.  They have never been serviced. Only oil, fuel and air filter maintenance.  I looked on youtube but no videos of this model online.  I feel capable to do the job based on videos that I have seen with other drum changes.
      My question here is what advice can you give me on this job?  What to look for and is it just a drum replacement kit that I need?  Do the cylinders come with it?  I'm assuming that's where they are leaking at although I see no evidence of leaking from the OUTSIDE of the hub.  My Kawasaki  dealer estimates 7-800 dollars to repair without having seen it.  I can't pay that but I'd like to try it myself.  What I DON'T want to have happen is that I pull the hubs and screw it all up and not be able to put it back together.
      Thanks in advance. And don't laugh
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    • By Brando hart
      Please help, About to buy a new 2020 mule 700 MX. For driving back to my cottage which is only accessible by a 5 km off-road trail. My parents currently have a 2010 teyrx which does the job for a joke. The trail is fairly smooth -1 big rock Rock section that you have to climb. A big  rtv 1100 Kabota does it no problem as well. 
      I am looking into the mule because of its bench seat. One of my dogs cannot run in front because they’ve had a hip replacement. she also has anxiety and is not fare well on the teyrx. We think mainly because she can’t get comfortable because of the centre consul. We were thinking because of the mules bench seat she would be able to sit comfortably between me and my wife.
      my concern is the mules off-road capability. Do they fare pretty well in the woods/decently smooth ride?
      I also plan to do yardwork and plough my driveway with this mule MX. I love the size of it as well, Because it will be easy to store in my shed plus tow behind in my SUV.
      please let me know what it’s like in the woods/snow (in Nova Scotia we mainly only have 5inchs Of snow fall on the ground at a time)
      please help, me with Determining its off-road capabilities. determining it’s off-road capabilities and keep In mind the trail is in good condition. Also my 700 Yamaha raptor, and 400ex use to do the trail amazing. To give an idea that the trail of pretty good.

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