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Joyner trooper 1100cc


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here's the schematic I used on my 08, I think yellow went to the starter solenoid, but it needed to be heavier to slam the solenoid plunger home, on a few occasions, I felt I was going to be stranded because I could hear it come in but not start, the cure was an interposing relay,

I'll see if I can find some of my old photos, PM me you address

2009 Joyner Trooper Wiring.png

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Hey my email isxxxxxxxxxxxxx yeah I found that but I'm not really good at reading those lol. The pink is the hot the purple is the starter dunno what the yellow is and whatever the other color is was the gauges. I pulled all my fuses changed relays around and they still wouldn't come on the left it alone for w days went back out there and the gauges started working again but now I'm not getting fire to my coil I think. Would you happen to know which one of the 3 wires to the coil is suppose to be hot?


The coil is controlled by the ECU, information on ECU coming

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See my fan and fuel pump don't work either I have both of those hooked up to switches. I went ahead and ordered the original switch to see if that's part or the problem. Also are these buggies pretty reliable motor and trans and everything other then,having to tinker with them some or is it really a all time thing?

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I tinker and play with mine continually, unnecessarily, but I'm retired and I have made tons of modifications, even stretched it 4" because I'm tall, added "engine speed control" because my legs & feet don't work like they should, but it has always got me back home, I think the engine and tranny are GOOD+++ you' enjoy them, If you get a high pitched squeak, start looking fro a crack in the frame and tubing.

fuel pump and fan - pull you fuse and relay block off the panel behind the driver's seat and look for burned wires and connectors, common problem,

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I thought I sent that this morning, but I got looking for a foto and never got it sent, when you pull the fuse/relay box that's behind the seat, look at the backside for burnt, melted, discolored wires and connections.  I replace all my relays with FETs and built new fuse blocks., I'll keep looking for that photo.

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found the photos on my back up drive.
Spark,(from the computer), fan, and fuel pump are controlled by the relays in the fuse block behind the seat
The photo are what I did to my 08 Trooper, sold it. now driving a 2015---- LOVE IT ------

Thanks man you've been a lot of help. I looked and didn't see any burnt wires but I'll run them down and check to see if I find a problem somewhere I'm like you I'd love to do away with the fuse box but that don't look like it was a piece of cake to do lol.

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wooooo hhhoooo dude-----WAY TO GO

If you want to make a new fuse block similar to mine, I'll be glad to help.  If you want to get rid of the relays, that's easy too. the first 2 photos are the relays and fuses for the front and the 3rd is for behind the seat. the left side of the first on has the blinker relay and then 5 FETs to take the place of 5 relays.  If you're interested, let me know.

Where are you at?




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without disconnecting anything, spread the wires so I can see as many as possible and take some photos for me. I assume you want it to work with the key, but be sure and tell me what you have in mind,


how would you like to swap out you relay with a FET?  It has 4 wires going to it and mounted on a piece of aluminum to shed any heat generated, it's more of a precaution than a necessity, if the alum is isolated from ground, you can mount directly to it, other wise it need to be isolated from the aluminum, see pictures, 3 post up.

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