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Front axle driveshaft always turns

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I just purchased a 2007 3010 Mule, and I'm checking all of the adjustments, when I noticed that when I'm in 2WD, and I push the Mule forward and backwards, that the front driveshaft always turns.  Should this be happening?  I would think that the front driveshaft would not rotate if the 2WD/4WD selector is in the 2WD position.  Are the front wheels turning this driveshaft in this situation and it isn't actually connected to the transmission?  If that is the case, does this mean that all of the axles and driveshafts from the front wheels, all the way to the rear trans-axle are always turning, even in 2WD mode?

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1 hour ago, DIY said:

Are the front wheels turning this driveshaft

Sounds Like it. I'd contact a local dealer to be sure though.

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First, welcome to the forum!

Never looked at mine, but when it's in 4wd it has a louder growl, that's very distinct. 

   Maybe try jacking up the whole thing, and see if those wheels turn after putting it in gear.

  I will say this for certain though, you should definitely not drive on anything firm, while in 4wd. Those front ends are under a lot of stress when turning. They're supposed to be limited slip, but it's very limited. Use 4wd only on slippery surfaces. Of course this only applies to turning, and I regularly use 4wd on straight road, just to keep things lubed. Otherwise rubber seals can crack, and gear oil can get gummed up. Might help, might not, but it can't hurt. People who  regularly leave the unit in 4wd have problems. 

  I also don't shift to 2wd on the fly anymore. It's supposed to be okay, but I don't care for the way mine slams into gear. So I always stop, shift into 2wd, then reverse a couple of feet. When I take off there's no growl. So it's shifted gently into 2wd, without slamming. It shifts smoothly into 4wd though, so no problem there. There's a lot of people who have had carburetor problems from the high ethanol content in their fuel, so be aware of that. Buy a shop service manual, it'll come in real handy. Good luck with your new mule!

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I replace my gear oil every 14-18 months, engine oil every 10 months to 12 months.

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OK, so I jacked up the front end, rotated the front tires by hand, and all of the front driveshafts rotate, all of the way back to the rear transaxle, which I suspected would happen.  Looks like everything is OK in regards to that topic.  I could push it while jacked up on the floor jack, and the shafts for the front wheels do not rotate while in 2WD , but do rotate while in 4WD, with the front wheels off of the ground and the front rolling on the floor jack wheels.  All looks OK there.

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