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    • Hey Guys!

      Hey everyone!  My name is Scott, and my wife, kids and I are in escrow on a home that is on 10 acres.  After much back and forth trying to decide between getting a tractor or a side x side for working around the property, I finally narrowed it down to a side x side.  My father has a 2018 Odes Dominator x4 Zeus, so I called him up to get his thoughts on it, as he uses it on his 12 acres out in Missouri quite a bit.  While talking, he mentioned that he is thinking about selling his Odes, and buying a jeep to tow behind his motorhome, so we got to talking, and it looks like I'm buying it from him.  Its a 2018 with 13 hours on it, break in just done, and all fluids just got changed.  I look forward to learning more about the UTV world, and look forward to any input anyone can give me on the Odes brand of UTV.   Thanks Scott

      By Poriggity, in New Members Area

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    • For sale guys best offer

      09 trooper lots done air ride shocks 1500 miles new balljoints rear trailing arms welded for more support runs awesome brakes good tires are awesome bad news front diff making noise it iwas rebuilt not sure if it's just the 4x4 shift fork or what. rear diff were rebuilt by a Joyner guy. Make me an offer pm me I'll take pics give u all info

      By charlie, in Joyner UTV SxS Forum

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    • how do you guys do it ?

      I normally ride in Ocotillo Wells , or on the Colorado river. Ocotillo is normally hard pack trails,hills and rocks andthe river is about the same unless on the water. There is one big sand hill in Ocotillo called blow sand hill. I hear all bout you guys going to glamis but I dont see that being any fun since the one big/soft sand hill I watch all the other rigs with the cvt's walk right up. I can out power them all day on trails and hill climbs and crawling but in sand I hate it. I have to bounce off the limiter in 2nd but cant pull 3rd or it bogs down. How the heck do you guys go to a place that is all sand , are there any tips to make the trooper do better in sand without paddles ? Do the fuel controlers help much ?

      By ERV JR, in Joyner UTV SxS Forum

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    • i think you guys may like

      This is my baby in her papaws tool box:)

      By MegZ, in General Discussion - Anything

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    • Neat site that you guys were hiding from me. !!!

      Just came across this. It's full of stuff that I absolutely NEED, But I have to get bigger garage first http://www.racingjunk.com/

      By Grouch, in General Discussion - Anything

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