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Your ATV or UTV provides the freedom to work your land and the performance to conquer tough terrain. You’ve invested thousands of dollars into your machine and the accessories needed to get the job done or get out front of your buddies on the trail. AMSOIL ATV/UTV oils deliver upgraded performance and protection for hard-working, hard-ridden ATVs and UTVs. Upgrading to AMSOIL performance lets you safely and confidently push your machine to the limit.


  • Outstanding severe-service wear protection
  • Delivers confidence in clutch feel
  • Wet-clutch compatible
  • AMSOIL 5W-50 Synthetic ATV/UTV Motor Oil
  • Performs in extreme heat and cold
  • Outstanding severe-service wear protection
  • Engineered for use in ATVs and UTVs that require
    5W-50 motor oil, including the Polaris* Ranger*,
    RZR* and Sportsman*
  • Delivers convenience by replacing OEM-branded
    5W-50 and 10W-50 oils


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I've heard people say that before, but my experience has told me that it's usually not the synthetic that caused the problem.  It's usually that synthetic revealed the problem, which is a gasket that wasn't completely sealed or had shrunken.

AMSOIL synthetic motor oils are made of completely pure, ideally-designed synthetic base stocks, blended with the highest-performance additives available, and are fully compatible with all engine gaskets and seal materials.  In fact, because they are more painstakingly designed than petroleum oils, AMSOIL synthetic oils help maintain seal integrity better, rejuvenate shrunken seals, and extend seal life far better than conventional oils. 

What I like best about selling Amsoil is that we have a Tech Services Department filled with people who are passionate about performance and quality.  If you ever have a question, please feel free to holler at me or go straight to the guys in the lab.


They usually answer within 48 hours.

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Are there certain steps to go from conventional to Synthetic? Do you need to buy different filters to? Do y'all make ATV oil?

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Not really.  Just drain what you've got and refill with the good stuff. I don't recommend just adding more synthetic to the conventional you already have in there. It wouldn't hurt anything, but you wouldn't get the full value of synthetic.  You don't have to have a special filter, so just go with what you've always used there.

We do have the 10W-40 Synthetic ATV/UTV oil


But there is also the Formula 4-Stroke Power Sports Synthetic for those ATV racers who push things a little harder.


But wait!  There's Synthetic ATV/UTV Transmission & Differential Fluid too!



There's a lookup feature on the Amsoil website that helps you figure out what you need for your particular ride at:



Feel free to holler at me if you have any questions.

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