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On eBay street legal velocity predator x18 no reserve bidding starts off at $1

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Safer than any utv street legal chevy evotec must see 

Start 2018 off with this Currently listed on eBay no reserve bidding starts off at just 1 penny









sandrail dune buggy street legal sand rail jeep car truck rzr turbo can am sand rail walker king fox 092 fortin















091 Polaris Yamaha yxz Fox walker Evans Vw Manx x3 turbo rzr buggy mendeola sand rail off-road Sandrail Vw



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      Hey guys ! I installed a snow track set on my 550 UTV last year and it does a great job even though the engine is not that big. Broke 2 wheel studs so I temporatily replaced them with bolts but I would like to go back to the studs before reinstalling the tracks this winter. Any idea what the default studs are so I can order replacements ? Thx !
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      We just bought a used 2017 American Landmaster TW450. No hour meter that I can find, so not sure exactly how much it has been used. 
      The first 2 days we had it, the starter was a little sketchy, but it started after 2-3 tries. Sometimes when turning the key, we would hear a loud metal "clink" sound. Like the starter made contact, but didn't have enough power to turn. 
      THIS MORNING... Turning the key, we hear a single click sound. That's it. Even with a new battery, the starter is still doing the same thing. Both batteries (old and new) were reading 12.8 volts on volt meter. So I'm wondering what else could be going on? Any ideas on what to look for would be greatly appreciated...
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      At the end of the LX announcement video, Lexus teased a new mobility concept called the "Recreational Off-Highway Vehicle," or ROV. It's an all-terrain vehicle — or, as we will choose to interpret it, a supremely badass golf cart — that runs on a hydrogen combustion engine. Sadly, Lexus did not include an utterly superfluous spindle grille, although the shape of the front end will certainly remind you of that shape.

      An ATV makes perfect sense as a showcase for hydrogen combustion. One of the technology's most significant drawbacks for current production use is that it can't produce as much power as gasoline combustion engines with the same size engine footprint. So a low-speed wood path cruiser could get away with far less power than a recreational on-highway vehicle.
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      What's up everybody I just bought a 21 Can Am. I'm from the PNW about 45 minutes South of Seattle in Enumclaw WA. I got behind the wheel of a Sidexside a few months back and immediately began searching for the rig I wanted. I have always driven quads but I'm 37 and a tile specialist and my body needs a break on the weekends. I love my car so far. Any tid bits or tips are greatly appreciated. I went and rode the little Naches Trail this last weekend and had the time of my life!! I was convinced speed and the dunes is where I'd spend most of my time but the trails were amazing. Both have their perks. I just found this board and figured if give it a go. Thanks for listening. 

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