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I have a new Vector (sold by Home Depot) which is made by Hisun and is a HS 700.  It has only 7 hrs on it and the other day I noticed its starting to have a slight brake squeal in the rear brakes. Its not been in a lot of mud and water.  Maybe 12 inches for a very short time.  I have hosed out the brakes when I first heard the noise and that seemed to work for a short time and it came back.  Is this something that is usual during a break in period and will it go away?

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Do you always remember to release the emergency brake?  I forget to press on the brake pedal to release the e-brake sometimes, and then they squeal.  That is about the only thing I don't like about my 750 Sector is the e-brake system doesn't hold all that well and it's inconvenient. I wish it just had a park position and separate e-brake system... 

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