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Just my thoughts.  It's possible with some good design engineering.  I presume your friend has lost the function of both legs.  I don't think putting those controls on the steering wheel would work with any degree of safety.  During a turn, the throttle or brake actuators probably won't be in a position to actuate them if needed, especially in an urgent situation.  A control yoke (vs a steering wheel) with a throttle actuator could be made to work if you don't have to turn the yoke more than 90 degrees (power steering needed).  I would think the throttle (spring loaded to idle) and brake lever would be better accessible from a position on a center console.  Certainly won't be able to do any rock crawling because it takes both hands to maintain directional control without power steering.  Might be limited to slow speed trail rides (my favorite type of off-roading).  Also have to consider the strength of your friends arms and hands.  Most people can apply more brake pedal pressure with their legs by pushing against the back of the seat.  Here's a link to one advertiser:  http://utvpartsandaccessories.com/

There are automobiles with hand controls, but they have power steering and power brakes to make it easier to drive the vehicle.

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