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Engine Swap in 800 what do I need to know?

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So i’ve been looking into various options with going forced induction or a new chery etc but having a carb setup it’s kinda tricky for me... Not to mention the cost of prob 2.5k minimum. 

So ive been looking for car engines that would be the right cost, availability , size power etc.  I found some great cheap options from Misubishi and Chevy, the 1.2L mirage and spark engines respectively but they are both efi.

Question 1 how much more difficult will it be to switch over to EFI from my carb setup? 

Question 2 what are some common problem areas I may encounter?

both engines should fit and i’m sure i’ll have to weld up some custom engine mounts. What about a diff and cv joints? anything else I may not be considering with a swap of this magnitude?

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