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Hisun 250 - Brake Locked up


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More than likely just a belt, but inspect it first. You might have gotten lucky. As for the breaks, look at a Yamaha banshee or raptor, same exact brake caliper. Yamahas manuals are much better on rebuilding brake caliper than HiSUN. The brake pads from EBC are listed in the parts interchange list in the download section of my website. Do not go off EBCs website, they have the incorrect parts numbers. The correct ones are listed on my site. Hope this helps

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As for the pistons in the brake caliper, they are held in place by O'rings. If you are having problems with the brake caliper being locked up, it sounds like maybe you have contaminated fluid, causing it to crystallize and seize the caliper in place. You should be able to use compressed air on the banjo fitting side of the caliper to force the piston out. If not, then you can soak it overnight in wd40 type of fluid to try to penetrate the back side of the piston and help release it. If not, I would just purchase a new caliper. These calipers are the same as Yamaha Banshee or Yamaha Raptor 600.  You can find a bunch on ebay. The piston does not screw in, it should simply press in and out. Remember to use quality brake fluid, DOT 3 or 4 is fine as it again sounds like the fluid has water or something else that caused contamination.

The brake pads used are: Front brake pads: EBC FA54
                                                         Rear brake pads: EBC FA83

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Thank you very much for your help, turns out the o ring was pinched in between the piston and the wall causing it to bind up. Was a pain getting it all apart. I am thinking I could get away with a rebuild kit but I cant seem to find any  banchee or raptor 600. I see 700 raptor and 660 banshee but not 600. I went into a yamaha parts dealer and tried to get the schematics of the brakes to see if it "looked" the same but had no luck. I am leaning toward just ordering a whole new caliper from one of the web link you have on your website.

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