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  1. I know it is linked on one of these somewhere. I also have the sector but shocking enough it was much easier when I was looking to find one for a strike.
  2. So sad! I found this sector all too late. Matt is the only reason I still drive mine!
  3. Getting harder now that Matt is gone. Guy just needed more support or more sales. I will try to help though. Things you can try to find. - New Tranny or tranny parts (good luck, I think they were just found but I bet there are only a few put in. Maybe you could find a pre 2015 tranny to install. - New Sproket could get you 2-3 mph - Somehow if you can find a way to purchase a pre-flashed ECU but I dont even know if that is possible. Or find someone that can flash your ECU, would get you up toward 9k RPM. - ECU flash got me to 30 mph. Tranny can get these up ne
  4. CStrike250


  5. Hi all, I know the wheels are Front 22x7x10 - 4/156 Rear 22x10x10 - 4/115 Does anyone know the Ceterbore size?
  6. Anyone have any opinions or good places to look? Stock tires are ripping up grandpa's yard. Kids only use this on flat grass as a small golf cart to get back and forth. Thinking I could find some golf cart tires or something for it.
  7. Matt, you are very helpful!!! thank you for all of your efforts.
  8. Thank you very much for your help, turns out the o ring was pinched in between the piston and the wall causing it to bind up. Was a pain getting it all apart. I am thinking I could get away with a rebuild kit but I cant seem to find any banchee or raptor 600. I see 700 raptor and 660 banshee but not 600. I went into a yamaha parts dealer and tried to get the schematics of the brakes to see if it "looked" the same but had no luck. I am leaning toward just ordering a whole new caliper from one of the web link you have on your website.
  9. This forum is so awesome!!! I cant believe the support on these things. Clearly they are a step above the typical China stuff.
  10. Well I found the service Manual Matt!!! Time to dig in. Guessing I smoked the belt too, that or I am going to need a new clutch.
  11. Anyone know what is needed to get the piston back in.? Using a C Clamp is not working. Brake locked up and likely smoked my belt too.. Anyone ever changed the pads before?
  12. Hey all, pretty pumped there is a forum for these machines. I see the stock sizes but does anyone know what size wheel/tire they can take? Example 24x8 or 26x8 ext? I understand it would need a new wheel and tease adapter to match the front,. Thanks
  13. Hey all, I am new to this. Would it be ideal to just buy this and put in a 36 or 40 tooth? Or send it to you Matt and have it reflashed? Dont need it to go 50mph but I would prefer to have the best launch and maybe 40 top end mph. Thoughts??

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