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  1. CStrike250

    Hisun 250 - Brake Locked up

    Matt, you are very helpful!!! thank you for all of your efforts.
  2. CStrike250

    Hisun 250 - Brake Locked up

    Thank you very much for your help, turns out the o ring was pinched in between the piston and the wall causing it to bind up. Was a pain getting it all apart. I am thinking I could get away with a rebuild kit but I cant seem to find any banchee or raptor 600. I see 700 raptor and 660 banshee but not 600. I went into a yamaha parts dealer and tried to get the schematics of the brakes to see if it "looked" the same but had no luck. I am leaning toward just ordering a whole new caliper from one of the web link you have on your website.
  3. CStrike250

    Hisun Sector/Vector 250 Service Manual?

    This forum is so awesome!!! I cant believe the support on these things. Clearly they are a step above the typical China stuff.
  4. CStrike250

    Hisun 250 - Brake Locked up

    Well I found the service Manual Matt!!! Time to dig in. Guessing I smoked the belt too, that or I am going to need a new clutch.
  5. Anyone know what is needed to get the piston back in.? Using a C Clamp is not working. Brake locked up and likely smoked my belt too.. Anyone ever changed the pads before?
  6. Hey all, pretty pumped there is a forum for these machines. I see the stock sizes but does anyone know what size wheel/tire they can take? Example 24x8 or 26x8 ext? I understand it would need a new wheel and tease adapter to match the front,. Thanks
  7. CStrike250

    Slow 2017 HiSun Strike 250

    Hey all, I am new to this. Would it be ideal to just buy this and put in a 36 or 40 tooth? Or send it to you Matt and have it reflashed? Dont need it to go 50mph but I would prefer to have the best launch and maybe 40 top end mph. Thoughts??