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Need help with my 2018 strike 250


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  • 3 months later...

Getting harder now that Matt is gone. Guy just needed more support or more sales.  I will try to help though. 

Things you can try to find. 

- New Tranny or tranny parts (good luck, I think they were just found but I bet there are only a few put in. Maybe you could find a pre 2015 tranny to install. 

- New Sproket could get you 2-3 mph

- Somehow  if you can find a way to purchase a pre-flashed ECU but I dont even know if that is possible.  Or find someone that can flash your ECU, would get you up toward 9k RPM. 

- ECU flash got me to 30 mph.  Tranny can get these up  next to 50 mph from what I understand. 


I am no expert and wanted to try to help. Many of us on this forum were helped by those before us. I certainly hope this crown find some traction. They are very cool little machines that run well.

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