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Hey everyone!  My name is Scott, and my wife, kids and I are in escrow on a home that is on 10 acres.  After much back and forth trying to decide between getting a tractor or a side x side for working around the property, I finally narrowed it down to a side x side.  My father has a 2018 Odes Dominator x4 Zeus, so I called him up to get his thoughts on it, as he uses it on his 12 acres out in Missouri quite a bit.  While talking, he mentioned that he is thinking about selling his Odes, and buying a jeep to tow behind his motorhome, so we got to talking, and it looks like I'm buying it from him.  Its a 2018 with 13 hours on it, break in just done, and all fluids just got changed.  I look forward to learning more about the UTV world, and look forward to any input anyone can give me on the Odes brand of UTV.




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Welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately I can't help with this brand of UTV. Mine is a Kawasaki, and I use mine for work around the farm. I also have a small tractor, and I get way more use out of my mule than the tractor. So I think you made the right decision. 

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