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2018 Hisun Sector 1000 Crew stalling but starts right back up. Please help!

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Hey Guys, I have been chasing a stalling condition for about two weeks now. The bike will crank up and idle fine, then after about 20 seconds it will fall on its face and stall. It happens at both idle and while running at various rpms. You can turn the key off, turn it back on and it will fire right back up without trouble. I have verified spark on both cylinders with a spark tester. I have also added an inline fuel filter, and pulled the injectors to verify proper pulse on each. Things I have replaced - (relearn procedure performed after each component replaced): spark plugs, ECU, relay/fuse box, fuel pump, & throttle position sensor - all with no improvement of the condition. The only warning light I get when the condition occurs is the oil lamp. The bike only has 14 miles. I am at a loss and appreciate any help and suggestions! Thanks

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What do you mean by "relearn procedure"? ECU reset? How did you perform this?

Did this start with an outdoor temperature change? IE it ran fine when it was warmer out but now that it's cold it dies at idle.

If you give it a little gas does it stay running?

I'm wondering if the coolant temp sensor might be giving a false reading which would adjust the fuel map to where it won't idle

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The ECU relearn procedure is done by holding the accelerator to WOT for 3-5 seconds and cutting the key off while @ WOT. I don't believe temperature is affecting it, I live in MS. The bike while die at any range in RPMS and giving it gas does not help keep it running. It just suddenly dies. No symptoms to lead me to believe it is a rich/lean condition or poor idle speed. Just shuts off but can turn the key off and back on and it fires right back up until it stalls again.


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