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New to board and UTV/ATV


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Hello everyone and thank you for letting me join your forum.  My family moved from Illinois to Leadville Colorado about 3 months ago.  Leadville has a lot of trails to ride and some fun off road stuff  that i would love to start getting into with my boys. I currently have a 04 HD FXD Superglide that i might sell or trade for a UTV. My question is are there any UTV that are good solid used side by side that i could find for about $4500 or $5000? If not I will keep saving for something. If so what brand and year should i be looking for? Thank you for your help!!


Thank you



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Welcome to the forum Chris! 

Can't really help you on bargains. My guess would be that it's unlikely that you can get a quality brand, in the condition that it needs to be, for that kind of money. You get what you pay for. And you want something that's mostly trouble free when you're on the trail. But I'd look for probably a used Yamaha Rhino. They sold lots of those, and they've got a huge aftermarket for parts, and they're good little machines for recreation, and light duty. I really haven't any idea of price, but you might get close.  If you buy used you'll need to consider parts availability as a priority.

What I can tell you, is that you'll definitely want independent rear suspension for hills, and trails. Small, and light is better for recreational use since they're better for mud, and hills. Beware of those Chinese models unless you're a mechanic. I'm sure they're great when they're running. But service manuals are mostly unavailable. Parts only marginally better. 

Good luck! Don't forget to tell us what you decide on. And remember that we like pictures. 

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Might think about an inexpensive winch. But  cheap doesn't mean small. A vehicle triples it's weight in the mud. An 1100 lb. vehicle will need at least a 3000 lb. winch if it's buried in deep. But keep in mind that it'll rarely be used, so an expensive Warn winch could be overkill. A couple of snatch blocks and lots of cable/rope/pull straps etc. and you're good to go. Remember to take pictures if you get it buried also, we like pictures!

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