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ranger XP 1000 HIghlifter Or Honda Pioneer 1000LE?

Tony Rea

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So, im new to UTV's always ridden ATV's typically the Polaris 850's and such and a few Rubicon's. Moved into the county with some land and figured I'd get back into the country mud. I've been doing some research on UTV's and I am impressed, I went to the local pony powersports and sat in a few atvs, being 6ft1 and 360lbs I wanted to make sure I could fit into one of them comfortably before doing my research on which one I wanted. My conclusion was - the Honda Pioneer 1000 limited edition , or the Polaris ranger xp 1000 (would prefer the highlander edition).  I was trying to do some research on which one is better, I know they are both leaders in the industry from the research I have done.  I'll mostly be driving through creeks taking it to some trails and moving some things here and there (firewood, fallen trees, ect.) the years im considering are 2017,2018 and if there is a big enough change in the model that a 2019 would make more sense then I would do that. Looking to spend 20k ish. Any help on deciding the better of the rangers and pioneers would be appreciated, or if you have another UTV a bigger guy should look into! 

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Hey Tony. Just a quick look at the two, looks like the Ranger is a bigger machine. At over 1500 lbs. It likely won't be much for mud, or creeks. But if you're looking for a firewood hauler, it looks like it's on point.

Most of these machines aren't as versatile as the manufacturers would have you believe. Unlike a truck, typically you can't infinitely upgrade. Eventually creating a bullet proof mud buggy, that can haul a load of wood through a creek. 

Instead, it's typically a serious trade off. You have to decide what you'll do with it the most. If it's mostly work, then get the big one. A set of mud tires, and a winch, will get you most places you'll want to go.

If it's mostly for trails, and mud, but needs to be able to do some hauling also. Then make sure you pick a model that has lots of wheel travel space in the fender well. Plenty of available upgrades, like lift kits, tires, maybe a power upgrade as well. It'll still be good for some light duty work. It does have a bed on it after all. But make no mistake, those tiny axles, won't take a lot of torque. Any more than that big machine will float on top of the mud. 

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