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newbi from tn.


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hey. just joined, have a 2017 massimo warrior 700 . it was on a lot for 2 yrs. guy couldnt give it away. i exspressed interest init, i had cash. he followed me to my vehicle dropping the price the closer i got to my truck. then he albut threatend to commit suicide if i left. so finally we worked out a way to beet sales tax and i bought it. i regreted it after 1st week, slow, heavy, terrible on curves. this was on paved roads and my property. no off rd. last sat. that all changed.

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Welcome to the forum! Good luck with the buggy. Maybe post some pictures, so we can see what you're working with. Most of these things are a bit sluggish. Of course not the high end models. Especially those that are purpose built for quickness. The rest...not so much. 

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