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2008 Joyner Renegade 800 R4 all gages except speed and tachometer don’t work


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Bought this machine a couple years ago and the gages didn’t work.  I have troubleshot this thing numerous times to no avail. Thought it may be a common ground so I individually grounded  the gages, didn’t work.  I have tested the sending units.  All have some resistance that changes as the engine revs or gets warmer.  Please help me.  Thanks in advance

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I don't know if you've resolved your issue with the gauges since it's been a while.  Do the lights work on the gauges?  With the engine off, is the oil pressure warning light  and battery light illuminated?  When I turn on the ignition without startingt the engine, those two lights come on, gauge lights illuminate and the speedometer & tackometer cycles.  This applies to the Trooper and Renegade.  I can't address other Joyner products.  On my machine, all of the guages are powered by a 12vdc supply through a 7.5amp fuse.  There's a body wiring connector that may have come loose.  This connector passes the sensor signals to the gauges.  The speedometer and tacometer are run via the l/p connector (a different connector).  I have no idea where those connectors are located on the Renegades.

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