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  1. Bought this machine a couple years ago and the gages didn’t work. I have troubleshot this thing numerous times to no avail. Thought it may be a common ground so I individually grounded the gages, didn’t work. I have tested the sending units. All have some resistance that changes as the engine revs or gets warmer. Please help me. Thanks in advance
  2. I have a renegade 800 with fuel injection. Someone siphoned all the gas out of the tank and left the cap off. The machine was sitting outside and I really don’t know how long the fuel cap was off but I drained the tank and put new fuel. Afterwards when I start the engine, the idle speed is at 2500 and will not come down. Have since drained the tank , replaced fuel filter and added fuel injector cleaner. Nothing has changed. Hopefully one of you can shed some light on this problem for me. Thanks in advance
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  4. All Gage's except the speedometer and tachometer. I do understand that these two Gage's are fed from the computer and the rest from sending units. For the engine oil pressure, engine temperature, alternator, and fuel Gage's, I have checked fuses, sending units and wiring harnesses for loose or broken wires, and have even changed out one of the Gage's but nothing has changed. I have read forums and have not been able to gather any information to assist me. Any information or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  5. My renegade 800 has been running really good until last week. Starts and runs fine when cold but after a few miles, it sputters and slows down and will only run smooth at an idle. I am running normal fuel pressure until this happens. The fuel pressure drops to 20 psi or less. I can pump the excellerator petal a few times and the fuel pressure rises to normal but drops back to 20 psi. I can watch the fuel line to the engine stiffen up when the pump cuts in then the pump shuts down. The pump is warm to the touch but not hot. Is the O2 sensor faulty and causing the ECU to go to limp home m
  6. I would love one of these manual,4x4 units if you still have them for sale. Fit renegade r4?

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