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Anyone have or had any experience with the Honda pioneer 1000’s? I’m looking to buy a utv  and Iv always been a Honda man. Any opinions would be appreciated.

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There are a few on my area.  The 5 seater is a big hit.   Haven't heard any negative comments.   Hard to go wrong with a Honda.  Although I just purchased a 2020 General.   I think they have the bugs worked out by now


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      Hi Everyone,
      I'm wondering if anyone can help me with their experience. The last time I drove any of this stuff, it was a Honda Big Red 500 and a Honda Odessy dune buggy. I'm looking at a utv for pulling a pull-behind bushhog over about 14 acres of rolling pasture. most places are risky on a tractor, so the utv would have to do the whole thing twice annually. Tractors are made to pull implements that drag and take that abuse. While a pull-behind won't be like a plow, it will put a constant drag on the machine's frame. Would I be asking too much of a utv? And, if not, what kind of specs are we talking about? Diesel or gas? Any dealer will give me a thumbs up, but...
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      Would like to monthly fees if possible.
      And where could you mount and hide it, but still work?
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      Hey guys, new to utvs but need to upgrade my atv for farm work and hunting.  Dont have a ton on money to spend so going used.
      Please advise which of these deals you would prefer both cost and longevity.
      2016 Honda pioneer 700 - 3100 miles 
      2018 can am hd8 1000cc- 440 miles
      Similiar options. Honda i can get for 8250 or can am for 10k.
      Needs some advice!! THANKS
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      I just bought a 2018 Honda pioneer 1000.i got the 3 seater.i need some help and advice on what kind of roof to get.my buddy said an aluminum one would rattle and shake and be really noisy. Honda only offers one kind.any suggestions or websites  I can look at.i bought a fold out windshield from super atv so I need one that won't interfere with it

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