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Honda pioneer 1000

Clark Evans

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There are a few on my area.  The 5 seater is a big hit.   Haven't heard any negative comments.   Hard to go wrong with a Honda.  Although I just purchased a 2020 General.   I think they have the bugs worked out by now


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      When starting off in high range 2017 pioneer 1000 stalls out the same as if you had popped the clutch does this randomly usually 1 to 3 times in a row before going away sometimes – will show an E in the selector LCD display if this happens you have to shut the machine off and restart to clear error or machine will shut off when shifting from park into drive dealer has no idea what is causing this problem
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      I just bought a 2018 Honda pioneer 1000.i got the 3 seater.i need some help and advice on what kind of roof to get.my buddy said an aluminum one would rattle and shake and be really noisy. Honda only offers one kind.any suggestions or websites  I can look at.i bought a fold out windshield from super atv so I need one that won't interfere with it

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