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Lester Richards

2018 Polaris 900 Ranger Overheating

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Took it out the other day, it died and engine temp light came on and I heard the gurgling in the radiator. I let it cool for few, got it home in limp mode.  fan kicks on but im not sure 40 seconds is long enough and/or if it kicking on all the times when it needs to be. fan relay works id assume or fan would never operate. Took temp sensor wire off and fan does NOT auto kick on like I was told. No debris in front of radiator, its full , correct level on overflow tank. unit has 1,600 miles, iv had if for 6 months and all the sudden I get this issue.

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Have you checked on a possible warranty fix?

Assuming that you have checked the warranty, and had no luck. The gurgling makes me wonder if there's air in the system. 

The very first thing I do when I acquire any kind of new equipment. Is to buy a shop service manual from the dealership. Not the useless paperwork that comes with it. But the one the factory technician uses at the dealership for mechanical reference. You'll need it eventually, and they're hard to find after a machine is several years old. So get it now. Yes they're probably close to eighty bucks for a paper version. But it's several hundred pages, and contains EVERYTHING  you could ever need to know about anything mechanical on that machine. Troubleshooting, torque values, how to test the sensors, switches etc. And would probably cover the issue you're having now. 

As to checking for air in the system. On some UTVs, there's a bleed screw for the coolant. Others have to be bled through the top of the radiator. 

A bad water pump, or heat sensor could also be a possibility. But making sure there's no air in the system is a fairly simple thing to do. Even  though it's a fairly new machine, that's probably never had the cooling system apart. And shows no signs of ever having had a leak. The chances of air in the system are slim but that's where I'd probably start. Next would be the water pump. 


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If paper is available it's a far better option than the download.  But these days, the download might be the only way. If that's how it turns out, I'd make certain that I got the genuine article, from the manufacturer. Not some watered down Chilton type of manual. Those things leave you hanging on important information. 

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Glad to hear that you have it worked out.  I have to say,  that with those symptoms, it was a real stumper. When everything works but it still overheats isn't a problem that I'd wish on anyone. 

What made you think it was a possible weak circuit breaker? I don't think that I've ever heard that one.

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