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We built the Dylan Motorsports Armor Kit for the most popular UTV on the market, the Yamaha Rhino!

The Undercarriage Skid Plate System is made of a precision lightweight aerospace aluminum. We use aerospace aluminum to offer you the protection you need for your Rhino while still allowing vital air flow to the radiator.

Our innovative Floor Board Kit provides extra traction for muddy and wet conditions and for when you run into unpredictable moments in offroading! We offer two styles of Front Brush Guards; with and without winch and fair lead holes,just let us know which one you would like to order! A vented guard for the Under Bed Box allows the heat from the exhaust to pass through while protecting the muffler, differential and brake lines.

The Front and Rear Undercarriage Guards are made from multiple pieces for rigidity with holes for access to check and drain plugs. The A-Arm Guards offer protection to the brake lines, drive lines and the CV joints. These guards are engineered for full A-Arm movement. Rear Guards offer protection from obstacles when backing up or getting snagged by rising debris.

Our .125 thick Auminum Roof Package for the Rhino is a good alternative to the factory roof. Our roof is designed to run seamlessly with the factory windshield.

Total Kit $898.00 and of course parts may be bought indiviually.

Here are some shots of the kit and of course please feel free to contact us with any questions.






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G'day Dylan Motor Sports and welcome top UTV Boards,

I just had a look at your website and I'm impressed. Have you got any plans for making aftermarket Joyner products? A lot of Commandos, Renegades and Troopers have been sold now, but there are not to many aftermarket goodies out there for them.

Cheers Mike.

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I'm in NZ so no good for me but there are several Trooper owners on this site that would be interested. If you need a vehicle for fitting out purposes, I'm sure one of them would let you use their Joyner.

Cheers Mike.

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