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Cub Cadet Challenger 550 EPS Kit


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    • By JakeK
      First time poster - new member. Most issues between my pioneer 700 and Challenger 700 I’ve been able to fix without issue. This problem is a different story. Have a 2016 Challenger 700 that overheated due to cooling fan not coming on. Changed both temp sensors on thermostat housing as well as radiator temp sensor. (Being that unit overheated I teplaced to be safe) Put power to fan to verify operation - works great. Checked all fuses, connections ect. No issues found. Verified coolant level and air bled out - all good. Using a temp gun I Can see temps climb to 210 at thermostat housing and 195 at rad at sensor location and fan won’t turn on. Any help on where to check or any wiring schematics for this unit ?
    • By Bret4207
      2019 Coleman Outfitter 550, 160-ish hours. Was driving it slowly and it just slowed down and died. Won't start. Pops once as soon as I start cranking and that's it. I have great blue white spark on the spark tester, jumps 1/2". Changed injector, no joy. Changed plugs to new several times, no joy. Pulled injector power wire and tried ether through air intake after removing air filters- nothing! I do notice if I put my hand over the air intake where the filter goes, I get pressure  pushing back at me. Jumped time? Stuck valve? Is there a decompressor on this that could be malfunc?
      This is the one I've had that was inop for months and months while Coleman tried to find someone to fix it. Warranty is long expired now. I'll never have anything good to say about this thing.
    • By Bret4207
      More issues with the 2019 Coleman 550. It stopped running again. Long story/short, I checked valves, injector (replaced) plug (replaced 2x with new NGK)  checked fuel flow , it eventually started. Ran great for a while, 10 minutes or so. Then it started the spitting and sputtering and not wanting to rev up. When first started it would rev freely (no load) to 6-7K, which was as high as I felt comfortable. Wouldn't go past 4500-5k under load on the road. It gets going and then it cuts out. The drivers seat belt is buckled. The previous time I still had it under warranty, I eventually got it to a shop that removed the in-line fuel filter that had been added and then it ran good. My thought is that the fuel pump may be weak. The other possibility that occurs to me is the cut out/retarder for the seatbelt is malfunctioning.
      I purchased a CD of the shop manual, but it appears to be for an older model with a carb and not the EFI.
      Open to hearing thoughts and opinions and which way to proceed. I'm planning on replacing fuel pump and fuel line and getting a (hopefully) better quality injector. I would appreciate any sources (Motorcycle Dr???) for better quality components.
      I have also been told by a person claiming to be a Hisun tech in a southwestern state that the way to "set" the machines CPU/Brain/whatever you call it, is to hold the gas pedal to floor let it get to it's highest RPM and then shut off ignition. I'm assuming one does this ASAP. Does this sound even remotely correct? I picture a blown engine myself, but I'm an old guy, so...
    • By IslandHopper
      Can anyone tell me if their MSU 500 or 700 fuel pump and injector cycle when you turn the key on? This will help me rule out the Crank Position Sensor as a problem.
      I just bought this non-running and the service manual is not much help.
    • eManualOnline
    • By hisun junk
      I have a 2018 cub cadet challenger 750 with a broke chinese hisun motor and I know that I'm not alone! Almost all the places that were selling them in Colorado don't anymore due to the return for repairs on the clutches and broken timing chains! Don't have yours fixed because it will happen again! They just replace the broken parts with more junk chinese parts! I talked with a UTV mechanic that has replaced one person's clutch 4 times! I have people contacting cub cadet about these problems and also looking into complete motor replacement from hisun junk to a Japanese motor in which the chinese cloned their junk from.
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    • By Leona Tolle-Johnson
      Does anyone on here know how to taker the speed restrictions off the Cub Cadet Challenger 550?  I have been searching for a month but not really getting any answers.
      Thanx in advance.
    • By Challenger Garbage
      How many people have burnt clutches in these things?  Mine is a 2017 112hrs 324 miles lightly used around the yard in the shop getting its 4th clutch.  What a joke.
    • By David Schwalm
      I have a 2017 challenger 550 that will not go into 4 wheel drive. I’ve checked fuses, all are good, when I turn the key to on, and press the 4x4 button I can hear the actuator running , the front tires in the dash indicator light up as though it is engaged, but no 4 wheel drive. When I activate the front diff lock I can also hear the actuator but it does not show the x in the front axle on the dash. Any suggestions would be appreciated!!
    • By markus
      I have a 2017 challenger with an exhaust problem. The pipe came off the exhaust port. One stud was missing and the nut from the other stud. I found the donut(gasket) It is a round flat gasket with copper in it.  I inserted it into the port inserted the pipe back in.  New stud and tightened the plate with  lock washers/ nuts.  It looks wrong. I would like to know where I can get a parts list and Schematics for this. In this forum I read that people have ordered this part for a 750 challenger on this site please tell me how to order.
    • By Bobbyd40
      Purchased it used a week ago.  Found that it wont start from key but will start if solenoid jumped. Also noticed that brake lights don't work checked switch and its working, may be the no start problem from key. 
      Turn signals and hazards do not work headlights tail lights and hi beams all work. 
      have a manual but it is hard to decipher. 
      Hoping that someone has run into these issues and can point me in the right direction with the lights. I believe if i can get brake lights to work it may solve starting from key issue. 


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