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2007 Mule 3010 Trans4x4 KAF620J No power to fuel pump


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I have been going through the troubleshooting in the manual (pages 17-38 and 17-39), but I can't find anything that looks like the picture in the manual. If I run power directly to the pump, it will start and run but otherwise won't start.

Any help to this old nubie will be greatly appreciated. My background is electronics, not vehicles.


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      Have a 2001 Kawasaki Mule 3010 4X4. It just will not start. New battery, fuel pump, filter, replaced rusted out fuel tank,plugs and all air filters are good. It's getting spark.getting fuel to carburetor. It never ran perfect but not at all, c'mon. Any help appreciated.
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      Based on appearance of components at an easy glance, it looks like the left front drive axle assembly is old and perhaps worn to the point of needing replacement - it's possibly the original, the assembly on the right side is clearly newer and must have been replaced under previous ownership. I would guess this is likely the root problem of the first symptom I explained with respect to turning the vehicle and experiencing abnormalities but could it also be the cause for the other symptoms I'm experiencing or might there be something else wrong with the vehicle?
      Has anybody out there experienced something similar to what I'm describing? Can any body provide me with some confident possibilities of what the problem or problems might be? I would greatly appreciate some help, thank you!

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