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2009 ORBA Supershow - February 7-8, 2009 in Del Mar, CA

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In just two years the ORBA SuperShow has established itself in the San Diego and Southern California market by consistently growing and creating a well-represented and enjoyable venue for everyone. With the proceeds from the show going directly into ORBA’s efforts to support off-road recreation and the off-road industry, ORBA intends to keep that momentum going. Please sign up and support the 2009 ORBA SuperShow February 7 and 8, 2009.
The Del Mar Fairgrounds will once again be the site for the show. This world class facility boasts beautiful Old World Spanish architecture and an enviable location—right next to the ocean. The Del Mar Fairgrounds is located 20 miles north of downtown San Diego, at 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd. in the city of Del Mar, California.
The success of the 2008 show definitely proved that San Diegans are ready for a great off-road show—so we are keeping that momentum going by planning very cool events for Saturday and Sunday. Stay tuned for more information as the show nears.Our 2008 show filled two large exhibit halls, a pavilion tent, and the parking area in front of these halls. Additionally, vendors parked around a good portion of the TrophyKart race track. We are currently redesigning the track which will provide a better track design and also allow for more tractor-trailer rigs. One of the very fun features of this show is that there are loads of food vendors—the same delicious food that you get when you go to the fair. Another neat feature is the camping on site. You can bring your motorhome and camp just steps away from the show.

Website: ORBA Supershow

Date: February 7–8, 2009

Time: SAT: 9am–6pm • SUN: 9am–5pm


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About ORBA:

ORBA is a nonprofit organization composed of hundreds of businesses nationwide involved in the off-highway vehicle recreation industry. It is the principal mission of ORBA to ensure the long-term viability of those businesses by working to keep public lands open to responsible recreational access. ORBA can be found on the internet at http://www.orba.biz .

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