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Either way, I'm going to recommend Kawasaki, i love my mule to death.

all depends on if you do alot of work and hauling/towing, or more for playing around and speed.

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    • By cliffyk
      I acquired a Coleman UT400  just after Thanksgiving (2020) and find it to be quite different than most others seen on the web--the most visible difference is that the cylinder slants toward the rear placing the "hot spot" under the bed rather than under the seat (a significant improvement to my mind). THe curious prt of this is that neither Coleman nor  Hisun seem to acknowledge  this major design change. In fact the Owner's manual supplied with the vehicle appears tp haqve been written for a completely different unit--showing the ignition and light switches mounted in the dash (they are stalk mounted on the steering column on mine) and indicates that to change the spark plug requires removing the seat (the cylinder head and plug are under the bed on mine):

      I wrote to Coleman and they sent me a what is supposed to be the most recent "UT400-5" manual which is still wrong about 90%+ of the vehicle. Neither the Coleman or Hisun websites are of any use as their content provides no photos and very little information about maintenance or the engine/drive train in general.
      Is anyone aware of when these changes were made, or of any sites offering info re: this latest mode?  Currently I'm battling shift cable adjustment to find better and more consistent reverse gear selection.
      Mine also differs in that the parking brake is a single caliper and disc mounted on the rear differential pinion shaft (this seems to be a "5 brake" configuration I have found reference to.
      Overall it seems well designed and manufactured--the chassis welds are as nice as you could ask for and the castings and  machining are top notch.
      Any information or suggestions as to where to look would be appreciated...
    • By Matthew Quinn
      We were given a used side by side UTV with the following VIN:  LCXRSPS117X000114.  I am having some mechanical issues and other than the VIN, I have no information on the vehicle.  Searching the VIN has got me know where.    Can someone help.
    • By eat2much
      I am looking for a 4 seat UTV that is inexpensive  -  that is designed for fun but also designed for some work when needed. I have narrowed it down to the following options:
      1: Can Am Commander
      2: Joyner Trooper
      3: Joyner Renegade.
      Can anyone tell me how I could sit in any of options 2-3? There are not many dealers in my area (York, PA) and I don't know anyone that owns one - I can't even find anyone trying to sell one. For me, this is a big deal because I am 6'2" and fitting in a UTV with out feeling cramped is already difficult - I have already ruled out the Polaris RZR, Polaris Ranger, Honda Talon, and Yamaha Wolverine. The Can Am Commander is my number one option at this point because I had the best driving position in it. I also felt a Yamaha YXZ was reasonably comfortable; however, they don't make a 4 seat version. Can anyone give me their perspective on how roomy the Joyners are compared to what I have already sat in?
      Where do you find enclosures for the Trooper and Renegade? I have seen people who post having them; however, I can't seem to find who makes them.
    • By eat2much
      My UTV purchase decision has been complicated by sitting in a Kawasaki Teryx 4 which adequately fits a tall person like me. As stated before, finding a UTV that can fit someone of my stature is difficult and the only one that can do it to date is the Can Am Commander -  the other option I am considering. Please note this vehicle will be used for some utility in addition to taking it out on trails. I am looking to spend between 10-15K on this vehicle.
      Question 1: Between the Commander and Teryx, which would you choose? The Teryx seems to be a little more capable on trails based on what I have researched. Some here will be quick to point out the locking front differential; but honestly, this doesn't bother me as the Torq Locker can be had for the Commander for around 400 dollars to help remedy this. Then there is the wheelbase. I have a friend who rides local trails here and says the shorter wheelbase is more important - he doesn't even think I should consider a four seater. Being a family man, having a 4 seater is very important as I don't have the money for two separate vehicles. I have researched what others have to say about wheelbase and this seems to be a personal preference. Yes - you get high centered with a longer wheelbase; however, a longer wheelbase can be an advantage when climbing a hill for example. Plenty of people ride these trails in RZR 4 and other such vehicles with long wheelbases. Then there is value. The Commander has better power, a better ride, a better price, better rear bed; and, the only place the Teryx 4 is superior is in build quality and off-road performance. I have limited experience on trails around here (Northeast US); so, I thought I would get some additional feedback here. For the money, which would you choose? Any opinion is appreciated based on what you have observed. As a side note, I have tried a Yamaha Wolverine and am too big for it.
      Question 2: I have only been able to sit in a 2 seat Commander as inventory is limited around where I live. I may have to order one brand new and have it shipped to a dealer. Having said that, those of you who have sat in a 4 seat Commander, how did you find the rear seats? I would prefer if the seats are able to fit a normal sized adult in comfort.
      Thanks for your help.
    • By Brad Collins
      My side by side always " struggles " when reaching 40 kph. Almost like there's a govender. I cleaned the carb and removed the filter. Always there. The machine was lit up for a couple of months. I still operate it, just at lower speeds. Any help would be greatly appreciated on the issue. Thanks for your time.

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